• Discharged from a temporary crisis placement
  • One year of high school left
  • Desire to move into 3rd St. program
  • Serves three men in mid-early 20’s, all working
  • Each person had some type of compliance program, but fair amount of freedom
  • One staff on duty 4:30 – 11:00 pm, and 6;00 – 8:30 am
  • Sleep night staff (on-site on-call)

About Jake

Age:  19

Diagnosis:  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome resulting in mild intellectual disability


  • Truancy
  • Not coming home after school
  • Socialize with others who take advantage of him
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Verbal aggression

Medical:  None

  • Independent in most ADLs

  • Independent in public transportation

  • Motivated to not appear “disabled” and to be more independent
  • “…history of emerging in relationships in which he can be harmed. He has been stabbed, hit in the head with a tire iron and has come home with a black eye.”

  • Verbal aggression to housemates and authority

  • History of elopement – particularly during the night
  • Wants to be independent and “normal”

  • Does NOT want a “babysitter” when comes home from school

  • Does NOT like to be told what to do

  • Wants to live at 3rd St.

  • Limited available resources

Needs and Problems

To assure Jake is safe, goes to school, comes home alone and does not sneak out at night:

  • Supervision is required 2:00 – 4:30 in the afternoon, and
  • Awake night staff

Adding staff is costly:

  • Day time staff = 2.5 hours/day x five days/week = 650 hours/year.
    650 hours/year x $10.50/hour = $6,825.00/year plus T&B at 25% = $8,532.25/year.
  • Overnight staff = seven hours/night x ($10.50 = $7.25 = $3.25/hour) x 365 nights = $18,303.75 plus T&B at 25% = $10,380/year.
  • Total ongoing cost = $18,912.25/year

More staff adds restrictiveness for others and Jake.

The Plan

Keep staff at current level. Add Sengistix technology to assure:

  • Jake goes to school (doesn’t come back home after staff leave)
  • Monitor for elopement during overnight – sleep staff alerted if Jake opens bedroom window or doesn’t come in after smoking (seven minute)
  • Sengistix monthly SENS – $169.95/month = $2,039.40/year

All of the equipment, including two cameras, sensors, internet access point, power backup, installation and setup = $4,528 Capital Cost Sengistix provides Active Monitoring 2:00 – 4:30 M-F to assure:

  • Jake comes home from school alone and stays home until staff on duty Program director notified if Jake non-compliant
  • 2.5 hours/day x five days/week = 650 hours/year Active Monitoring x $3.70/hour = $2,405/year

Total (non-capital) COST = $4,444.40/year


First three months/quarter:

  • Sabotage the sensors and the system
  • Turned camera to the wall, removed and hid sensors, hid his face whenever going past a camera
  • Responded by moving camera so he couldn’t reach, sensors replaced Jake repeatedly reminded, if he didn’t cooperate he’s lose his alone time or have to leave

Second quarter:

  • Failed to go to school four times
  • Uncooperative with his budgeting program
  • Prepared dinner with prompting, and cleaning his room required multiple reminders
  • No elopement
  • Verbally aggressive to staff and housemates repeatedly

Third quarter:

  • Attended school every day
  • Resisted meeting with staff on his budgeting, but reported when he paid his bills and gave staff copies of his checks
  • Prepared dinner once/week and cleaned his bedroom and bathroom weekly  with only a few reminders
  • No elopement
  • Verbal aggression to staff and housemates had reduced

Long Term:

  • He continued to hide his face whenever going past a camera, but never bothered the sensors or cameras again.
  • Within one year, he moved to an unlicensed program with even less supervision and support.