Sengistix meets with individuals, family and/or support team to identify the person’s goals, needs and risks. Sengistix then recommends a set of equipment and alerts to meet those needs. The unique set of equipment designed for each person is professional installed in the person’s home and Sengistix response center advocates programs the software to generate the alerts, notifications and data that the individual and team have identified.

Sengistix Use Example

The sensors working together identify a pattern of activity or absence of activity that meets the criteria for an alert. For example, if Sally is not in bed or her favorite chair and there has been no motion for two hours:

  • Call Sally,
  • If Sally doesn’t answer, call Sally’s neighbor,
  • If Sally’s neighbor doesn’t answer, call Sally’s sister,
  • If Sally’s sister doesn’t answer, call Sengistix Response Center
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