Sengistix delivers peace of mind that you can afford. Offering just the support that’s needed, when it’s needed! Sengistix provides vulnerable individuals with safety and freedom with expanded choices for living more independently.

Our SENS™ System provides affordable 24/7™ custom monitoring that protects privacy, provides data, and can be enhanced as needs change.

The SENS System combines the extensive healthcare services experience of Sengistix with the state-of-the-art eNeighbor® system from Healthsense®. The result is an unobtrusive, revolutionary coordinated monitoring system that provides comprehensive, custom care for unique needs.

SENS, which stands for Secure Environmental Network of Support, allows caregivers to monitor select activities remotely while maximizing individuals’ safety and well-being. It is always on the job, without interruption. A quiet telephone or email means that pre-determined, typical activities are occurring as expected and no alerts are necessary. You can be reassured that as an individual’s care needs change, the SENS System can be modified to provide the level of monitoring desired.

The Sengistix SENS System delivers 24/7/i™ Comprehensive Custom Care that provides individuals and caregivers the Important Information to assure safety and enable Independence.

When “eyes-on” care is also needed to assure safety and provide support, Sengistix can add two-way audio video to the individualized mix of sensors. A member of the current support team or a trained Sengistix Response Center Advocate can use the sensor information and log into the audio/video at designated times to be the remote “staff on duty” just for times when it’s needed.

The team believes John can get up and off to work on his own, but need to know if something happens and/or if John is dressed appropriate for the weather before leaving. Bed, refrigerator and exterior door sensors plus motion sensors in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room verify he’s out of bed on time, followed by motion in the bedroom and bathroom (he’s getting dressed), followed by motion in the kitchen and refrigerator door opens and closes a few times (he got some breakfast). The “remote staff on duty” logs into the two-way audio/video in his front entry just ½ hour before John leaves to talk about the weather, offer suggestions on the coat and/or hat he should wear, document what he has on when he leaves for work and logs off after wishing him a pleasant day.

This is a perfect solution for those times when a person typically doesn’t need physical assistance, but may need some guidance – Just in case!

Additionally, Sengistix provides the following services for individuals and their caregivers:

  • Plan development
  • Technology installation
  • Training
  • Consultation
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) reports
  • Data analysis
  • Changing monitors and alerts for changing needs

The benefit of the S.E.N.S. System is that it combines technology with data management to remotely monitor, alerting those responsible for caregiving when an event happens, and assess the persons needs on a ongoing basis. Because of the system’s flexibility, the same alert process is used to provide prompts and reminders to individuals to keep them as independent as possible. . . . if John’s not out of bed when he should be, John gets a call reminding him it’s time to get up for work.

In these challenging times, Sengistix delivers the 24/7 comprehensive caregiving solution packages sought by individuals, families and caregivers. We invite you to contact us so that we can discuss your unique situation and recommend custom solutions.

The monthly cost to maintain Sengistix 24/7/i SENS services, through a Wi-Fi connection, is comparable to the monthly cost of having cable television or a nice dinner out with your family. Sengistix prides itself on being a better solution at a lower cost. Some supplementary services are individually priced and can be stand alone services or added to a SENS system.

To meet customers’ needs and preferences most equipment may be either purchased or rented. While most of the equipment is easy to install, we offer professional installations anywhere. The installation and an initial set-up fee are up front costs whether the equipment is purchased or rented. While we hope every customer will be with Sengistix for a long time, we know sometimes things change unexpectedly and therefore, we have a 60 day notice to discontinue service.