The Sengistix SENS™ System is Individually Customized to Meet the Needs of Each Person

No two applications are the same and each system can change with the person’s needs. Your assigned Sengistix account executive and primary advocate work with you so that our Secure Environmental Network Support (SENS) System’s benefits are maximized to meet your specific needs initially and over time. SENS is unique in the way we apply technology to meet the individual needs and risks of each person through alerts, reports or both to detect conditions of concern (e.g. forgotten medication, a possible fall, concern about food intake, etc.) and assure the right people get the right information timely. The individual and her/his support team determine who needs to be notified of what, and who should be contacted if the first person doesn’t pick up the phone. Sengistix then designs the unique mix of equipment and programs the system based your goals and needs.

The Sengistix 24/7 Response and Support team is more than a call center. Every Response Center Advocate has training and/or experience in direct support to vulnerable individuals and each must successfully complete the College of Direct Support full certification. Response center advocates are also skilled at helping individuals and caregivers assure the system is working properly.

Response Center Advocates are 100% dedicated and focused on Sengistix customers’ needs. They are specifically trained in the Sengistix system and work as a team to provide top of the line customer service in:

  • Verifying that all equipment and systems are working 24 hours a day, by notifying customers when batteries need to be changed and assisting individuals at the site to complete basic tests and repairs – regardless of the person’s technical skills;
  • Being the last call on every call tree to assure EVERY call is responded to;
  • Conducting audits of sensors, contact information, alert notifications, etc. to assure each system is achieving its intended purpose;
  • Customizing and modifying alerts (what triggers a call, who gets called, and what the call message says) to assure the system is current and meeting your need;
  • Building relationships with and being a member of the direct support team when Sengistix is providing SENS Vision/active monitoring.

A Sengistix PRIMARY ADVOCATE is assigned to each customer. A primary advocate is in a lead role and represents the customer within the Sengistix team. Their job is to assure that every member of the Sengistix team is following through and meeting the needs of the customer. Primary advocates are focused on working with the customer to identify and solve issues and together assure the Sengistix system meets each person’s needs.

With a growing number of companies popping up to offer Personal Emergency Response, Remote Monitoring and other types of technology assisted services, Sengistix’s unique range of support options stands out.

There are Tech Equipment Companies: Some companies offer a variety of technology equipment and possibly software you can program and self-manage for a subscription fee, but don’t have a trained and dedicated response/support center to monitor the system, assure every piece of equipment is working and/or customize the program for your changing needs.

A “call center” is not the same thing as a “response and support center.” One takes calls, often for several different companies. The other is there to actively support you, verify everything is working in your favor and stands ready to assure the outcome you want is achieved.

There are Active Monitoring Companies: Some companies offer active monitoring on an hourly basis using sensors and/or two-way audio/video to provide remote supervision/support.

Only Sengistix offers a full range of customized options from a simple call pendant to a full set of sensors (bed, refrigerator, doors, toilet, medication, biometrics/tele-health, etc.) working 24/7, a complete response/support center that actively supports you and is focused solely on Sengistix services, with an option to add two-way audio/video and active monitoring (SENS Vision) just for times it’s needed.

The Sengistix system is fully scalable so you can start with one or two sensors and add sensors and services as you need them.