The goal of this service is to assist organizations and management teams assess needs, opportunities and barriers related to program support technology; then establish a plan and successfully implement a roll out and re-assessment strategy. Topics typically discussed in consulting projects include, but are not limited to:

Initial Assessment and Education

  • Consult with organizations to review current services, the operating environment, and goals, looking for opportunities where program support technology could be beneficial.
  • Identify opportunities consistent with organizational goals recognizing the principle barriers to maximize quality services.
  • Identify steps to minimize barriers and steps to take advantage of technology to assist support services.
  • Educate management and support teams on relevant technology and possible uses.

Program Support Technology Enhancement Assessment

  • Review current individuals served, services, and program support technology currently being considered or in use.
  • Assess appropriateness of technology in place and degree to which the organization is maximizing the benefits of technology.
  • Assess the follow through of technology provider and service provider personnel in taking full advantage of the technology being utilized.
  • Recommend changes in type, use and/or implementation of program support technology to improve achievement of organizational or group goals.

Side-by-Side Consultation and Support

  • Investigate funding and regulatory environments to assess barriers and avenues for opportunities to achieve organizational goals.
  • Assist in approaching funding, regulatory and/or referral entities to gain acceptance and to make changes to achieve mutual goals.
  • Provide direct support in implementing technology in existing services, monitor and provide guidance to assure goals are met.
  • Design and develop education programs for management, personnel, and stakeholders.
  • Assist in implementation and launch of new development involving technology.