• Serve people at a lower cost
  • Enable people to live in own apartment
  • Allow people to move out of group homes to more independent setting
  • Maximize community integration


  • Select large apartment complex
  • Cooperative landlord to ease credit and rent history requirements
  • Safe, on bus line, close to shopping
  • Serve up to 18 people in complex with one-three staff on duty using technology to aid staff to be where they need to be when they need to be there


  • Individuals rent open apartments
  • Number of roommates depends on income and desire
  • Call Pendants
  • Silent call for help for individuals
  • Tracks when staff is in an apartment
  • Door and motion sensors
  • Bed sensors (in most cases)
  • Smoke alarm sensors
  • Stove Guard
  • Create individual service goals, expectations, and support needs

A Family United


Age: 25

Diagnosis: Dysthymic Disorder and Borderline Intellectual Functioning

Medical: None

Employment: Walgreens – night shift


Age: 27

Diagnosis: Mild Intellectual Disability and Delay in Development, unspecified

Medical: None

Employment: Car Wash – days


Age: 18 months

Diagnosis: None

Medical: None

Case Factors

  • At six months, Josh suffered second degree burns on legs and back due to hot bath water.
  • Josh was placed in foster care.
  • Josh showing some delays due to lack of stimulation.
  • Julie and Devin both employed

  • They work opposing shifts and don’t need day care

  • Both Julie and Devin possess adequate daily living skills

  • They love each other, Josh and want to be good parents

  • Devin has a drivers license
  • Devin has no involved family

  • Julie’s only family is against the relationship, their involvement is negative

  • Some alcohol and drug use

  • Significant lack of child development knowledge (12 months – only toy was a rattle)
  • Reunite family and save Josh from life in foster care

  • Monitor the family to assure safety of child

  • Develop positive parenting skills in Julie and Devin to maximize Josh’s development potential

The Plan for Family United

  • Reunite the family in the new apartment program
  • Use the technology to monitor the activity in the apartment and safety of Josh
  • Program staff work with Julie and Devin on household safety, budget and bill paying, nutrition
  • Parenting support trainers visit and work with Julie and Devin twice/week to improve parenting skills

Julie and Devin can keep Josh if they:

  • Retain their jobs and pay all bills
  • Maintain a safe environment for Josh
  • Maintain insurance (MA eligibility)
  • Demonstrate positive parenting skills
  • Comply with expectations of both parenting support and independent living support

The Outcome of Family United

Family lived in apartment for five months:

  • First few weeks two instances staff alerted to doors opening late and night and found:
  • Visitors in apartment
  • Music playing
  • Josh not in bed
  • Strong smell of marijuana
  • Did not find any illegal drugs
  • Staff reported to case manager, but urine test did not confirm drug use by parents
  • Julie and Devin warned, care reviewed with parenting coach, but able to retain custody.
  • To date, placement has been successful.


Equipment = $2,880 capital cost
Sengistix monthly fee of $99.95/month = $1,199.40/year
Comparative cost of Josh in foster care = unknown